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Social Enterprise Consultants Needed!!! (Nairobi)

Skilled professionals required to join us in the creation of more sustainable social impact ventures in hard to reach places.

We are designing human-centred programmes that see the growth of social enterpreneurship in hard to reach places. And are looking for people to join us!

We do this by connecting and collaborating with talented people. We take career changers and career breakers, post-grads and sabbaticalists, corporate learners and freelancers to amazing places, to work alongside hard to reach young talent, to develop social impact businesses. In turn we help you get equipped to either launch your own game changing start up, bring social innovation into your work or move into the sector.

_Join us in February.
Following a successful pilot programme in November, we are recruiting volunteer Social Enterprise Consultants, who we will facilitate to support the learning of a small group of young aspiring social entrepreneurs in the development of their own socially impactful start ups. These young people have come through a government backed, internationally recognised youth volunteer programme by one of the world's largest voluntary organisations (VSO). You will design your own support programme with a set of tools provided for you by us. You will be fully supported through this journey and will be part of a team all going on this journey together.

_Who are we.
We are a small group of young professionals who have been making our move away from the corporate sector in the last few years. Since then we've been notching up hours in volunteer management, international development, youth media, CSR & social enterprise. Between us we have over 30 years of professional experience, and recently we've been running enterprise and social action youth programmes, managing over Protected content along the way.

Recognising a gap in the professional development sector around social entrepreneurship and social enterprise we wanted to create something that brought all our worlds together, innovating the way that volunteer programmes are run in developing countries, and speeding up the start-up process for people like you.

After your journey with _SocialStarters, we know that the experience won’t end once you return home. We are creating a global networking platform to help you connect to groups and individuals around the world. We will also be supporting alumni if they want to set up _SocialStarters in other countries or want to go on to set up their own social enterprises.

_Who are you.
Having worked relentlessly for years in various corporates, in challenging leadership or executive roles, you've started planning your escape route. Maybe you have left your job already and are thinking of starting out on your own in Protected content you're already self employed or a freelancer, and it's time to up the game? Or maybe you are looking to do something completely new and just don't know where to start.

Seeing roles on Escape the City that interest you but you don't feel you have quite the right experience (yet), you know you want to start your own thing, and you know it will happen one day, but aren't sure yet if your idea would work, or quite where to begin. Or just put simply, you would love some practical experience first.

Having been to a few talks or networking events on things like 'How to get meaningful work abroad!' or 'How to escape into social enterprise' it's fair to say you're ready for an experience that could quite possibly make all that happen for you. It's now the time to leave your life for a while and dive head first into a fully immersive overseas adventure!

_What you would do.
In February Protected content are going to be running another programme in Kenya. You would come and become an invaluable part of the _SocialStarters team as a Social Enterprise Consultant. We will equip you with a toolkit and together we'll design a plan for how to work with aspiring young social entrepreneurs part based on your experience and input and part based on our experiences and learnings from the pilot. There'll be a focus on development contexts and poverty reduction; and you would be taught techniques so you can then go on to support your clients appropriately. You will then spend the remaining weeks identifying problems, designing solutions, testing ideas, building brands and getting them ready for launch.

_Who will you be working with.
Your clients will be a small group of extremely bright, passionate, creative Kenyan youths who have been through one of the UK government's largest youth volunteer programmes. They have an idea, they have been awarded some funding, and they want to start their own social enterprise - but need the support to develop it into a real, and sustainable venture.
There is a 75% unemployment rate in Kenya, so it's a breeding ground for entrepreneurialism. Since 80% of Kenyans are under 35 this work will have serious impact - supporting the development of a new kind of enterprise in Kenya.

Email Protected content if you are interested, or direct message me on here!

-CLARIFICATION- This is a volunteer position, not a job!

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