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Swahili to Poker and all things in between. (Nairobi)

Hi All

Just got to town start of this month and trying to sort out all the admin. Have a whole bunch of stuff I am trying to get my head around. If anyone has any ideas on any would be very grateful and there are multiple beers in it for you if and when we meet up. So I suppose Ill just list them. Thanks again in advance. Guy from Australia.

1) Swahili teacher? love to find one, what is fair price?
2) Best bank for ex-pats?
3) touch rugby game and bar for watching rugby internationals?
4) lap pool for swimming?
5) yoga/pilates/massage good? when, where how much?
6) Poker games either home games or poker rooms at casinos.

Ok well thanks and hope to see you all for a beer soon.


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