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Temporary Immigration Shutdown Update (Nairobi)


Hi all, kindly be aware that Immigration is basically on shutdown. The newly appointed Immigration Director claims that she is restructuring staff and making improvements at Immigration. For the past 2 months, the Work Permit and Citizenship Departments have been on shutdown and just this week, Special Passes, Multi-Journey Visas and renewal of Tourist/Business Visas are not been processed.

As good as it may be that potential "improvements" are taking place, such a crucial institution should not have to be on shutdown for this long as there are a bunch of expats in dire need to renew their nearly expired visas, obtain work permits/special passes in order to begin work and so forth. Companies/organizations are also suffering as a result of expat staff not being able to begin work.

If your visas are near expiration and you find yourself "stuck", we are encouraging all to report the issue to their respective embassies so that you are "protected", so to speak, from possible fines for being in the country "illegally". We're hoping that this will also place pressure on the Immigration Director to re-open all departments soon.

Happy Thursday :-)

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