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The word is Humility (Nairobi)

Humility is when you turn a blind eye to pride and see life what what is it- A chance to bless others
Humility is when you trust someone so much that you doubt yourself – Trust
Humility is having the courage to love someone and in-return giving that someone the confidence- Love
Humility is being selfless with your words supported by your actions – Selfless
Humility is team effort, you are never alone – teamwork
Humility is the grace to take risk when everyone else thinks its impossible –enterprising
Humility is saying Thank-you and welcome – virtues
Humility is being able to apologize when you are right – wining a war
Humility is believing you are destined for greatness – self belief
Humility in itself is an art of war. Fight to win and win to grow and grow to make a difference.

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