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Work Permit (Nairobi)


I am a 29 year old Indian national and have been offered employment in Nairobi. I have been researching about the work permit in Kenya that I would need to get and have a couple of questions:

1. I am going to be employed by a specific company for a specific position - hence I assume that I need to get the Category D Work permit. Is that right?

2. How easy or difficult is it to get the Category D work permit? I have been offered a decent salary and it well above the threshold amount mentioned in Category D work permit regulations. I have been reading that the Govt. of Kenya will not offer Category D work permits to anyone under 35 years of age and also that the permit once granted will not be renewed.

3. How long does this work permit process take typically? The company that has offered me the job employs a lot of expats and has told me that it will arrange for the permit. But I still need to know the timelines involved in the work permit as I have to manage notice period in my current company and joining date in the new company.


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