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Work Permit Class/Type Changes (Nairobi)


For those of you about to apply for/ renew your Work Permit, please note that there have been changes to the type of Work Permit classes so be aware you do not apply for the wrong Class:
• Class A – Issued to persons who intend to engage in prospecting for minerals or mining
• Class B – Issued to persons wishing to invest in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
• Class C - Issued to persons wishing to practice certain prescribed professions, e.g. Journalism, Doctor, etc (for this you must have proof of membership to the prescribed profession here in Kenya including the necessary licenses)
• Class D - Issued to a person who is offered specific employment by a specific employer who is qualified to undertake that employment
• Class F - Issued to investors in the manufacturing sector
• Class G - Issued to investors in trade or business (other than a prescribed profession)
• Class I - Issued to a member of a missionary society approved by the Government of Kenya and whose presence is beneficial to the country. Only eligible to those 35 and above years of age
• Class K - Issued to a person who has an assured income derived from sources outside and undertakes not to accept paid employment of any kind (this is for retirees). Only eligible to those 35 and above years of age
• Class M – Issued to conventional Refugees
Kindly note the processing fees and costs are different for each application. Also note renewals are now required to be done 3 months prior to the expiry date of your current work permit.
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