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Talking about Space missions! (Naples)

Hi everybody,
first of all I hope this mail finds you very well!
I attended some IN Naples events during the last couple of years while I could not recently. I hope to have the chance soon.
I am a researcher at the University of Naples and I am going to have a speech at an international congress about the possibility to cultivate plants in Space (for example, on the European Space Station), for several purposes (to produce fresh food for the astronauts, and to regenerate air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen for the crew healthiness).
I was wondering if any English-speaking member of the IN community would be so kind to listen my lecture (it lasts about Protected content it would help me in improving my pronunciation … and could be also fun!
I will join you at the next event but, in the mean time, if you have any suggestion about my idea, please write me!
Thank you in advance,
Roberta Paradiso
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