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Help in Chad:Finding Drivers, Translators, Tutors (N'Djamena)

Hi Everyone,

I know for Expats in Chad and coming to Chad trying to find local help in driving, translators, teachers, guides and other areas can be a challenge and frustrating.

I am a Chadian. I have lived both in Chad and the US. My interactions with both the expat and local community has emerged needs on both sides. Expats complain about finding dependable workers, English speakers (even minimal), guides who can help in knowing the country, tutors in French and Arabic, etc.
Local complain about finding and needing employment. I know many Chadians youth who need work and can't find it. They do not have "connections" and are just looking for someplace to make money to support themselves.
Both communities have needs and I hope to be of help.

If you are in expat and need help in anyway about life in Chad, please contact me. I can tell you more about myself and ways I can help or people in Chad you can contact that can be of service.

My email: Protected content


Reouhidi Reuben Ndjerareou

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