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Bengali and Anglo-Indian food at Brown Sahib (New Delhi)

Brown Sahib, the Bengali and Anglo-Indian restaurant, in Saket New Delhi has recently introduced its new summer menu.

So if you want to beat this is the place to be. You can start with some delicious cold soups like Watermelon Soup or Gazpacho, or try our fresh salads such Caesar Salad or our Wilted Spinach and Bacon salad, and then move onto our mixed grills and Indian roasts and smoked hilsa.

The Bengali array is fabulous and includes all the authentic Bengali delicacies liek shukto, doi chingri (prawns baked in an urn with spiced yoghurt) and a fabulous range of in-house desserts.

We also have a fabulous six course Bengali platter every day at lunch, which will give you the true taste of Bengal. Served on alabaster and terracotta plates, the platter starts at Rs 375.

Please call Joy Jha on Protected content make a reservation.

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