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Business / employment visa.. Or other options..? (New Delhi)

Hi everyone.

Thought I'd try posting this here as i'm facing a lot of difficulties with this right now.

I'm an Australian and Japanese passport holder.

Wishing to fulfil my dream of living in India for sometime, continuing my work as a photographer and film maker on a freelance level.

I am currently on a tourist visa, but I am now facing a lot of difficulty and restriction to shoot for bigger clients who require everything to be on the books.. In fact, I want to be completely legitimate if at all possible.

So what to do...?

I'm told I could try for a Work visa, but apparently the company would have to go through all kinds of headaches like showing they pay $25,000 USD per year among all sorts of other criteria.

Business visa, apparently this could be an option, but then I was told I might not be able to earn money on this one..?

Really really stuck on this right now and I don't want to give up trying.

I just wish there was an answer to this.

Anyone please help if you know anything.

Thank you



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