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Excellent and highly reliable cleaner available (New Delhi)

Dear All,

We are leaving Delhi shortly, and I'd like to recommend my cleaner, Mahesh, who has worked for us part-time for the last six years, through our stay in Delhi. For us he cleans the car, as well as the entire apartment - including the dusting and vacuuming my rugs. Mahesh's strengths are undoubtedly his honesty and reliability, pleasant demeanor (he is almost always cheerful) as well as his unusual passion for his job - he simply loves to clean! We feel fortunate to have had him, and during his time with us, we've managed to train him to be punctual (he calls to let me know if he will be more than 10mins late on any given day), although 90% of the days he's been right on time.

Since we recently got a dog, we have trained him to use the vacuum cleaner on the floors everyday, in addition to mopping them after. Additionally he does the dusting (wipes down all furniture and household articles) and vacuum cleans my rugs and cushions once a week. He loves dogs and never complains about having to clean up around ours. This was the first time I've employed help in India and despite my high hygiene expectations, he did a great job, although he does need periodic reminders to clean behind large pieces of immovable furniture. The faucets, mirrors and shower cubicle doors in the bathrooms are all sparkling thanks to his diligent attention to them.

Mahesh is free for a couple of hours everyday (he comes to us at 8am), doesn't need quarters (he lives with his wife and three children in Faridabad) and would be interested in part-time employment in Friends Colony, Maharani Bagh, GK-1, Nizamuddin East, and surrounding areas. He has a motorcycle, and as long as you set expectations in advance (for salary, weekly time-off, advance payment, punctuality), is very regular, and can work under minimal supervision. He seldom takes time off, and typically informs me in advance when he plans to do so, unless there is an emergency. Mahesh has worked for Dutch expats for a couple years in the past, so understands what is needed. He can understand basic English, but prefers to speak in Hindi. He will be available starting July 1st.

Please send me a message if you are interested in employing him - I'm happy to answer any questions, and can put you in touch with him.

Thank you,

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