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Expatriate club (New Delhi)

Hi friends,

I work for a European MNC and live in the hub of South Delhi.

I am planning to start a social club for the Expatriates here for which I would like to invite you. For an expat, just being in a country is not the purpose, it is a decision towards a higher purpose of experiencing that country. My vision is to create an atmosphere where India is felt in its truest sense and its culture, people and spirituality is deeply experienced. Keeping that in mind, I have blueprints prepared for the following activities:

- More familiarity with Indian culture
- Hindi classes
- Spirituality Protected content
- Ayurvedic cooking classes
- Heritage walks
- Workshops for kids
- Regular meetings to meet new friends and find out what's going on around town

At the same time I solicit some ideas to enrich the activities, that will work towards the vision. Since you have traveled to various countries and have interacted with people from different nationalities, religions, cultures, etc, your contribution will definitely help me provide an enriching experience to our Expat friends.

Should you suggest we can have a short telephonic conversation where in I can explain you about my idea and if it interests you we meet over coffee for further discussions.

I would appreciate if you could revert with your interest and contact details.

Warm regards,

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