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Experienced expats in Delhi? (New Delhi)


So, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, however I'm holding an Indian passport. I don't speak any Indian languages, but I'm familiar with a few words from different dialects, that are pretty much useless in daily communication with locals.

My first time to visit India was last year Protected content , I visited New Delhi and Chennai. Sadly though, I had a rather unpleasant experience in both cities. Two major factors that contributed in my dissatisfaction were:

1. That I couldn't speak the language and I didn't know my whereabouts. Subsequently, I was treated as a foreigner. And to be honest, most locals didn't seem to treat foreigners with the warmest of welcomes.

2. The fact that I stayed in a hotel room, alone, and knew no one around me. I think the trip to India would have been at least a little more interesting with some company.

3. For some reason most locals seemed to have the same mentality; they sought out money, and had a rather "blank" view on life. --Please understand that I'm in no way trying to insult anyone, as I myself am an Indian, but I couldn't get past the fact that I felt mocked in the face for the many times I got ripped by locals.

Now, I'm contemplating visiting India again next week. I'm actually considering starting a business there. My inquiries for now are:

1. Are there any locals or foreigners, that speak English well, and are interested in a partnership. I'm capable of covering the expenses, however, the research that I'd done on starting a business in India seemed to have frustrated me. I need someone who knows from experience or previous knowledge, not a website that looks like a big scam.

2. Any expats interested in getting together for coffee, dinner, discussing business, visiting tourists spots, etc.? --I'm also writing about conversations I've had with different people over coffee. Their interesting stories, incidents, thoughts, and theories are the center of my project, "Coffee and Conversation".

3. Anyone's aware of any clean yet affordable apartments? Or has a room to rent out for a few months?

I know that this is all too much to ask, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated, and I will hopefully find a way to pay it back some day.



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