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Exploring self through handwriting analysis (New Delhi)

Pen points to personality none can conceal, Pen strokes that tell us as truly as steel

Just like us, our handwriting is unique. Each stroke and curve of our writing has a definite connect with our brain and to how our brain functions. Handwriting is a gateway to our sub-conscious mind and our inner-most feelings.
What if you could know the truth of your life, the root-cause of your failures, the invisible obstacles that obstruct your way to a life filled with success, happiness and glory?

Remember, YOUR PERSONALITY is the ONLY POWER that leads to SUCCESS.

Get your handwriting analysed through Shrruti. The quick and easiest way to understand our:
Motivating forces
Success factors / drivers
Strength and Weaknesses

Shrruti has 17 years of experience as a graphologist & a coach.
She is the first Indian:
Founder of India's first handwriting research library
To publish newsletter on handwriting analysis - Mind Script
To host a radio show on Handwriting Analysis (Radio Noida)
To be recognised at the international level, recently her articles were translated in Spanish and published
Her client list not only includes India’s some prominent corporates, institutes; also celebrities from different categories like bollywood, sports stars, CEO’s and Life coaches to name a few.

You can have live one on one (quick analysis) or get to the details of your life journey (in-depth) analysis through her. For charges and more details you may like to get in touch with her: Protected content email: Protected content , Protected content

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