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Forex Trading Business (New Delhi)

I am working with Capital Consultants Ltd. We are dealing in Foreign Currency Trading. Some people mistake it with Foreign Currency EXCHANGE. It has got nothing to do with it.

I am planning to start the same Forex Trade in Canada. The co. I am working with wants me to establish it here. We have already received investments of around USD 5,00,000. This is the no. 1 Trade in the World. The per day turn over of this Trade is 4.5 trillion USD.

You can very well imagine the kind of profit one can get out of it. It is like an Ocean, now it is upto us if we want to fill a bucket from it.

There is no recession in this Trade whatsoever.

You get 2% on your investment every month ( Invested amount is locked for 3 Years) + as a bonus you get Double of your invested amount. If you calculate it comes to about 5-6% per month.

100% secure. We are working under RBI in India and FSA (Financial Services Authority) in UK.

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