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Health Insurance: does it make sense at all? (New Delhi)

Hi everybody,

I will shortly move to Delhi and have not decided yet on something important: to actually have a monthly health insurance (if so, still not decided if from an insurance in Europe - I am German, currently residing in Germany - or from a local, Indian one) or to just pay for the services as needed, which of course in the case of an accident I assume would be even in India expensive.
So my question for this community:

1. Do you have a health/ sickness insurance?
2. If so, from where, from your country of origin or from a local provider?
3. If you use an Indian healthcare provider, which one could you recommend?

Some background info:
Presumably I will stay in India for something like Protected content . I had lived in the past in Thailand, and only during the last years of my stay there decided for a health insurance plan from BUPA. I have no intention to live again in Europe, but later to move back to Thailand. So, any health insurance plan which would allow smooth continuation in the case of removal to another country (without a hike in price due to a new contract), would be most welcomed.

Any help very much appreciated!


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