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Hosting a Clandestine Tea Party in Delhi (New Delhi)

Hello All,
I am back from studying and working in New York for a few months before I head back into the unknown. So, while I am here, I am hosting a Pop up Tea Party on the 31st of May (Saturday). There's still time, please reach out to me to enjoy a dainty tasting of French Pastry and Canape's. Its only Rs. Protected content person in the comfort and relax of my humble abode and you will meet some new faces to celebrate food, life. It's BYOB for which I would suggest a sparking dessert wine to compliment my creations. I look forward to hearing from you,
You can check my page at: Protected content

My aim is to counter the pressures of restaurant style cooking as opposed to cooking at home with pure passion and love giving positive and pure vibes to my creations to leave you feeling happy. In a restaurant there's a divide between the customer and the kitchen. I like the transparency of a home pop up; you can visit the kitchen, chat to the chef ... if things are busy and you need water, you can get it yourself. It breaks down the barriers that exist in usual restaurants.Another feature of pop-up tea is that they are social events, where guests can interact – you could be sitting next to a stranger, and equally odd and exciting for us is the prospect of strangers coming to our house to eat. What unites everyone is a love of food and a thirst for the new....
You are welcome to come as a group, couple or individual and if you do show up as an individual, you will have the chance to meet some interesting souls. At the end of it all, I shall bid you farewell with a take away surprise treat to enjoy in your own home as reminiscence.
Please email me at Protected content or call at Protected content reserve limited seating
Thank you
Sumedha Jain

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