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Kahan-Alliance Francaise-7th Feb @ 6:30 to 9:00 pm (New Delhi)

"I work hard, want quick results and deserve success" says 35 year old entrepreneur Alicia.... But her customers don't bother to see her brand the way she sees it. They don't seem to agree that her brand message is worth their time. The result is an obvious downward spiral for Alicia and many like her in varied professions.

Ever wondered why some brands make it big and some fail miserably?
Is it always about the product/ service or is there something more to it? Are marketing techniques of the yesterday any bit relevant today ?

Glaring, in-your-face messages are passé .... even offensive to your clients/customers.
'Conventional ways are dead'. An innovative way out is using 'stories' to inflate your brand. Stories are the power that have changed fortunes of many a politician and country. Stories are the magic that have helped small brands take over giants. Stories are the phenomena that work for ailing, moderate and soaring businesses.

Kahani (story) is a subtle yet aggressively impactful marketing tool that has game changing potential for your brand. It focuses on creating authentic stories (brand or personal); stories that can be embedded in business presentations, marketing collateral, client meetings, VC pitches
You do know that the ability to create demand for your product/service is a as important as having a product/service. If you want quick results and are ambitious about your goals, Kahani is for you,
It is an interactive talk in workshop format. When you walk out of the session, you will have an incredibly effective tool for direct application to your business/profession. You will know how to stand out of the clutter and influence your consumer through the world of stories. Are you game ?

PS: Kahani is not a session on 'storytelling'.

Key Inclusions
The Art and Science of Stories
Contrasting Impact
The DIY process
Pitfalls and Errors
Neuro Story

Kahani has been a raging hit in MNC's at pan India locations

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