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Latest Book for Expatriates: Expatriate Taxation - (New Delhi)

Latest Book for Expatriates: Expatriate Taxation - Decoding the Complexity
Published by: CCH (Wolters Kluwer)
Authors: CA Amit Maheshwari & CA Sumit Gupta

Book Summary

In cross border movement of expatriates, following tax and regulatory issues merit attention:

• Income-tax compliances for the expatriate in the home and host location under respective domestic tax laws;
• Applicability of tax treaty provisions to mitigate double taxation of income;
• Withholding tax and reporting obligations on the employer;
• Payment of social security contribution in home and host location;
• Foreign exchange control regulations in regard to place of payment of salary, repatriation of money to home country, etc.;
• Immigration (Visa) requirements in the host location;
• Corporate tax implications (permanent establishment, fee for technical services, etc.) on the employer on account of secondment of expatriates

Further, understanding income tax implications on account of secondment to the host country like determination of residential status, taxation of foreign sourced income, claiming foreign tax credit, tax equalization process, equity incentive taxation, etc. can be quite complex for an expatriate.

In this edition, an attempt has been made to discuss the above aspects which would enable the reader to understand the income-tax and regulatory implications in respect of secondment of inbound expatriates to India.

Also, an expatriate besides earning salary income for services to be rendered in the host location, may also earn other income in form of interest, dividend, capital gains, etc. in the home location as well as host location. The income tax implications in respect of such specific incomes are also broadly discussed in this edition.
In recent times, several amendments have been introduced in the Income-tax Act, OECD Model Tax Convention and Visa regulations. More and more Social Security Agreements are also being signed up and put into effect. Various judicial pronouncements have led to conflicting interpretations on many contentious issues. This edition covers all such major developments in connection with secondment of expatriates.

The book is divided into two parts and fifteen chapters. In the first part, the authors have discussed the provisions governing the residential status, incidence of tax in India, typical issues faced by employer, social security regulations, exchange control regulations and immigration requirements from the perspective of inbound expatriate. The second part focuses on key aspects pertaining to taxation of an Indian employee sent outside Indian like rules for residency and taxability of salary income.

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