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LOVE NATION INDIA - Dr Motte World Tour - Live! (New Delhi)

Love Nation India
Dr Motte 30-Year Anniversary World Tour

NEW DELHI, 8th February, from 12 noon till 12 moon @ SkyLounge, Royal Plaza Hotel, Connaught Place.

INDIA. Where do we come from and where are we NOW? This is the essence of Dr. Motte's (founder of the Love Parade Berlin Protected content Anniversary World Tour. For so long now, we have been showing our love for our mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and goddesses but somehow we have lost the love and respect for WOMANKIND. Now like then, Dr. Motte stands for peace, love, unity and respect. In Protected content , Dr. Motte celebrates 30 years of DJing, with a major world tour, under the banner of the name he gave to the first ever Love Parade Berlin: FRIEDE. FREUDE. EIERKUCHEN (PEACE. JOY. PANCAKES). And he would like to invite you all to share in this cause, by joining together, in an all-day musical journey for all, where all profits from the door entry, will be donated towards women’s support charities. This will be a showcase for us to dance, to laugh and to show the international world that we know how to show respect for each other and especially WOMEN. FRIENDS let’s take this beautiful opportunity, to show our solidarity with women in India and shake up this wonderful country for a more happy, peaceful, open future, with equal rights for ALL:


Out of his insatiable curiosity for new music and new musical experiences, Dr. Motte has witnessed the evolution of electronic dance music from its very beginning – until today. His record cases are packed of brand-new stuff and a few of his very special all-time favourites. His sound is sophisticated, energetic and multifaceted. He connects thrilling acid and rousing club grooves with driving techno beats and takes his audience on an exciting trip through his universe. Dr. Motte is formally known as the inventor & founder a.k.a. 'Father Of Love Parade'…..and this is how his journey to India began….

Inspired from an image of British police closing down parties and revelers continuing to dance against the odds, to music blasted from ghetto blaster across the streets, Dr. Motte thought about how he could bring this spirit back to Berlin. The solution was as simple as it was magnificent: an exhibition – a demonstration the modern culture of electronic dance music. Under the motto “Peace, Happiness and Pancakes” there followed Protected content and dance lovers on 01.07. Protected content the Kürfurstendamm.

After that, things were no longer as they once were. Electronic dance music was the most important youth movement of the 90’s with the Love Parade as the chief symbol. For this 1 day in the year the Love Parade dissolved all the borders and over the years and eventually grew to become a national and international gathering.

Germany, whose reputation even today is massively seen through they perspective of world wars, was now seen in a different light: open, happy, young! Berlin became sexy!


Dr.Motte, Berlin, DE
One man who, if anyone does, qualifies for the title of “legendary” must surely be Dr. Motte. An original through and through, this DJ, producer and remixer from the original vanguard of Technos few pioneering souls initiated and successfully staged what became the biggest cultural celebration of music, tolerance, love and indeed life itself, that the world has ever seen: the Love Parade.
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Rummy Sharma, Delhi, IN-Berlin, DE
From Delhi to Berlin and back and forth again and again, Rummy Sharma is a heavyweight producer and DJ, playing regularly in many big events in India and Germany and around the world.
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90sechzig90 (DJ Due), Hamburg, DE
A Hamburg duo, who play the happy, uplifting sunny house style, which has become synonymous with the Hamburg electronic music scene.
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Raimund Imo, Mannheim, DE-Goa, IN
A well-known German DJ, in the Goa and India scene. Raimund Imo and his Electric Zoo Goa team have formed a big part of the history of Goa’s electronic music scene and he plays regularly at many big events.
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ANDYMANIA, Dusseldorf and New Delhi
Famous International Super Model and Actor from Dusseldorf turns up DeeJay! Andymania aka Andy von Eich is a living legend of Delhi's Nightlife! Electronic Sounds with global melodies are his characteristic music style. Protected content

The Love Nation continues in Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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