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Magique was a disappointment ! (New Delhi)

Dear members,

I just wanted to share last night's experience at this place. The venue was lovely however the service was very poor. We arrived at 10.15 .We were late because we were driving around Saket in circles looking for this place. The location of this bar is really bad. It took us an hour to get there from Saket . Anyway, we paid for our bands but were not reminded by the reception that the bar closes at 11pm or we should have been offered Cover charge coupons at least , because that's what reputed bars in Delhi normally do when a guest arrives before closing time. But we we were not . We effectively spent Protected content for 4 drinks and we were not given any snacks even after we asked twice !! I believe the staff were instructed to delay our orders as much as they can in order to save stock & make more profit. Later on we had to go and eat in the restaurant for which we had to again pay for ourselves. Also the drinks selection wasn't great. They didn't have any cocktails which few of the guests complained to me about and the wine they served was rubbish ! Our drinks were diluted. We had more of soda/water than alcohol. Had it not been for our wonderful hostess Jocelyn and friends there, we would have simply walked out of this place . Next time we should try to do it in a different venue.


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