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Mildly Sweet and Soft Halwa Recipe (New Delhi)


As Delhi celebrates World Tourism Day today with a ticket free day at all local heritage spots, let's make and dig into a sweet dish called Halwa:


1/2 Cup Semolina or Suji
1/3rd Cup Clarified Butter or Ghee
1 1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Sugar
5 Almonds sliced
5 Cashews chopped
10 raisins
Few strands of Saffron dissolved in 2 tbsp of milk
1/4 Tsp Green Cardomom Powder


Take Suji in a non-stick Wok or Karachi and add ghee to it. Keep mixing and stirring the two on medium flame with a wide spatula for Protected content till the suji gets roasted to a golden brown color. Now reduce the flame to low.

Meanwhile boil one and a half cups of water separately, add sugar to it, stir to dissolve it and keep it ready. Gradually add it in incremental quantities to the roasted Suji raising the heat to medium and stir continuously to blend it in completely without any lumps being formed - whereby the semolina will swell up as it absorbs the water. Adding water altogether in one go will make it splutter so be careful to add in small quantities.

Keep cooking the semolina for Protected content till it reaches a smooth semi - solid state. Add cardamom powder, chopped nuts, raisins and saffron dissolved in milk to the mixture. Mix them well for a minute or two, then turn off the flame.

Your mildly sweet, warm and soft Suji Halwa is ready to be served as a dessert or as a side dish to your morning breakfast / evening tuck.

Bon Appetit

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