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Parties / Clubs / Expats events (New Delhi)

Hello to everybody!

I'm now living in Delhi for few months but, due to a lot of business trips around Asia and Middle East, I've not been developing a wide friends network yet here in Delhi.
Well I've realized that the problem is that Delhi is not such friendly for who's wishing to meet new people.
Lots of "families" restaurants but few clubs where to meet up and socialize. But in particular, if you don't know exactly where to go and you are starting here alone as I am doing, it is very difficult to be in the right place at the right time.
I'd like to know your experience and if you encountered the same difficulties or any suggestion you may have on place where to go.
I've heard that there are some expats events during the week (for example on Thursday night at GK), have you ever been there? I've not even seen here on InterNations too many posts regarding such events.

Well, to make a long story short, it would be nice if we could arrange a good team of expats/non expats to have spend some nice time all together!

Feel free to add me to your contacts! And look forward to havin your opinions!

Best regards

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