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Possibility of Employment (New Delhi)

My partner has been offered a position at the American Embassy School. In the efforts to sustain our relationship, I would like to move with her to New Dehli, but would be doing so without a job as they do not currently have a position for someone with my background experience. I have a Master's in Teaching, with a focus on Spanish, DIgital Media, and Technology in the middle/high school levels. I am currently employed as an Educational Technologist for a local school district, with a focus on online and distance learning. I also hold a wealth of experience in the arts, including video production, visual arts, theatre, and music, writing as well as copy editing. I have a good amount of experience in standard web development (Wordpress, HTML, CSS) and Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard and Moodle. I also carry a year of experience teaching technology classes at the community college level and a steady background in the restaurant/event planning industry. A literal Jack of All Trades.

My questions to this community is:

If under a tourist visa, what are the possibilities of obtaining employment while living in New Dehli?
Is it possible as a potential American expat to find employment?
Is it possible to obtain a work visa while living in New Dehli?

We are both extremely excited at the idea of living in New Dehli, but are concerned in terms of advancing my career, whether in teaching or the arts. Any feedback, suggestions, or even possible job offerings are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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