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Relocating to Gurgaon with small children (New Delhi)

We are a family with 3 small children (3, 0, Protected content to Gurgaon from Switzerland in early Protected content . I was hoping someone could share their advice or experiences regarding the following topics.

1. temporary accommodation when first arrived - is there anything suitable for such small children? Or would I be better arriving later and letting my husband go first and find somewhere for us to live?

2. Family accommodation - again, if there are other expats with small children on here, what were your experiences here. Is it easy to find something suitable? We are arriving with my husbands company so they are supposed to take care of everything, but we know from experience that it's better to do our own research first.

3. daily life - again with kids - How is it, is it easy to go place with children, are there many activities, is it easy to find playmates, are there mother and baby groups...? Also how safe is it, now I've started reading about Malaria and not drinking the water, and how I can't avoid stomach upsets, and from being excited I've now started to worry about bringing such small children to India at all.

4. Furniture - is it better to ship our furniture or to try and buy everything when we arrive? Are there difficulties using European appliances? Is there anything we should buy before we come?

that's all for now, my head is just buzzing with all the things I need to think about. I'd appreciate any help or experiences here.

thanks so much


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