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Republic Day parade ticket (New Delhi)


Can anyone in Delhi help me get a ticket for the Republic Day parade on January 26, possibly for a commission?

I won't arrive in Delhi until January 24 so I asked the hotel where I'm going to be staying in Delhi if they could do it for a commission and that was actually before the ticket sales started on January 10, but they either can't or won't and either can't or won't give me a straight answer about it. Very annoying as I've wasted many days on them and maybe the tickets are already sold out.

Maybe someone is going to buy some tickets himself/herself and could add one for me?

Maybe someone is going to pass right by a ticket office? The following link mentions some of the ticket outlets but when I called one of them they said they didn't have tickets this year, so I'm not sure about all of these places but the ones associated with the Department of Defence (such as South Block) are probably okay:

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Maybe someone already bought a ticket and isn't going to use it anyway? I don't know if they're personal but maybe I could still buy it and have it exchanged at one of the ticket outlets?

Maybe someone knows someone...?

The better the seat the more interesting.
I can send a scan of my passport if that's required to show and I'll be arriving in Delhi in the morning of Saturday, January 24 so I can go and pick up the ticket pretty much any time after that.

If anyone has other relevant information regarding this you're also welcome to add in.

Best regards
Carsten Hansen

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