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Revolution in exercises, JRD MATRIX YOGA (New Delhi)

Discover the benefits of JRD MATRIX YOGA with scientifically devised program of exercises that will produce dramatic results in just 36 sessions without machines or any other unnatural methods

Based on more than half a decade of research, the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes and medical doctors, as well as thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation, JRD has finally perfected the way to Rapid body transformation with combination exercises of YOGA, PILATES, ISOMETRICS, PLYOMETRICS and SPECIALLY FORMULATED DIET PLAN to give you maximum results with minimal effort.

After 12 sessions you will stand taller, move with natural ease and feel more comfortable with your body and boost of energy in your day to day life.

After 24 sessions you will notice firmer muscles and a flatter stomach, less tension and stiffness in your body and improved flexibility, core strength, metabolism and neurological strength.

After 36 session you will be stronger ,more leaner ,with toned muscles ,tissues ,ligaments ,joints ,nerves , health maintenance of all body’s system , feel younger and confident

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Persoanl Training only.

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