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schooling & sport for kids & Houseing (New Delhi)


Hello looks like we are moving to New Dehli in January or April next year Protected content . I have three children ages 10, 8 and 2 and a few questions feedback on any or all would be great.

1.) International schools in new dehli: currently my boys are in a British school in Malaysia. they are VERY sporty so a school with good sport facilities and activities would be a priority.

2) Housing: What is the norm for expats houses or flats? In KL we live in a gated community which works nicely for us are there gated housing communities in New Delhi popular with expats?

3) Foreign maid: I know it is probably unlikely with so many locals available but does anyone know if it is possible to bring in a foreign maid? Our helper has lived with us for 9 years in three countries she is part of the family. if possible we want to give her the option of coming with us.

4) Is there a good footy/soccer league for children?


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