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Spanish Books or Advice to share on classes? (New Delhi)

I have decided to learn Spanish this year. I would be grateful if someone coming from Mexico or anywhere in Latin America could bring some books written in spanish, they can be your old books your not using anymore, just looking for material to read. I have bought online but they are very costly, I would be willing to exchange the books for something on India.
Has anyone ever taken spanish lessons in Delhi? I have found 3 schools with various prices and offer a certificate internationally recognized. I want to know from someone who has actually taken a course, the cost are all in the same range so I'm more worried about gaining the actual knowlegde of the language.
Here are the three schools I'm looking into, Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi, Instituto Hispania, and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Any experiences pls add or pm me. Thank you


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