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Speaking Spanish in India (New Delhi)

All Spanish speakers (Indian or native) face this situation: We have to stay highly connected to our friends from other parts of the world which are not in India, as one of the ways to remember what we know or have learned, or just to feel closer to home. Or, we try connecting as much as we can with tourists to practice the same.

Many times I have spoken to people from this network and not all of us know when or how to start spaces for conversation, hence, I would like to share this event with you all:

Hablemos con David:
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This initiative (organized by friends of mine that work at Instituto Hispania) was created as a solution to the practice of Spanish language in India, It will be developed as well in Chennai ( Protected content ) and is the language learning trend in many of the countries we all have been to. The idea is for the natives who will join to have a good time, sharing conversations and cultural experiences in their mother language, and the indian Spanish speakers will be able to practice and have the opportunity to improve their vocabulary.

I hope you like this idea and you can sign up for it.
What other situations have you faced in India regarding language barriers and how do you sort them out?

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