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Starting a Health& fitness consultancy (New Delhi)


Hi Guys I am new in Delhi.Presently working with Star India Pvt Ltd. I am a media profesional wioth 7 plus years of experience. However my passion is health & fitness.

I am planning to start a new set up on Health & fitness.
PLease find below the description :

Who am I?- I am a Fitness consultant with 11 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. I have been blessed to be able to guide and help people to achieve their health s goals and sustain a great fitness level without having to depend on crash diets or diets solely dependent on health supplements.

What I offer- I support a holistic approach to fitness and would help you get the bod
y of your dreams chalking out a special diet and fitness chart for you, depending on your lifestyle. Right from figuring out your body type to the quantity of protein your body aptly responds to, we will work as a team and get you where you want to see yourself.

Why me?- Having struggled to attain my own goals through diligence, research and more than ten thousand hours of training, nothing excites me more than the opportunity to help my clients get there. I also conduct corporate health fitness sessions with top multinationals in the country.
I offer my expertise in the form of:
- knowledge ( give me a buzz and we could catch up for a consultation over your favourite protein shake!);
-work out lessons ( from personal training to batch lessons- sign up for whatever fits your pocket!)
My training philosophy :
• I believe in the natural way to health and fitness.
• Fitness should be fun and enjoyable - a part of your daily healthy living routine.
• There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets . You need to be religious about the healthy diet and your workout regime.
• Healthy food, hard work, effort, determination and motivation are what you need.
• Most important of all: you need to set a goal!
• Nutritional counseling is part of the program, don't sabotage all of your hard work with poor eating habits
Let's get fit!
Love, Vik
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