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To european expats wives_about your job (New Delhi)

Hello, to all european expats wives :)

I address this question particulary to expats wives, becouse I'm very interested about your life in New Delhi.

My husband get an offer to go for a contract to New Delhi for a couple of years, so now we consider whether to move there or not.
For my husband decision is easy: he gets very interesting, challenging job.
For children Protected content 7 years old), in our opinion, it is a very good moment to live abroad. No doubts.
For me... I don't really know.

I'm in not easy moment in my life but at the other side, very interesting.
I didn't succeeded in my bussiness and I decided to study new things. Sooner or later I'll find a job in my country and this would be great for me. But what will happen if I go to India?
I've just checked that I could study in New Delhi what I wanted to study in my country, but what about the job?
Do you work there, ladies? If you do, how did you get this job? Is it possible for european woman to get the job there?
What is the attitude of native people towards european women at work?
I hope my questions will not offend any native people. I just know that our culture differs a lot and don't know the reality of everyday life there.

I would be grateful for your opinions and descriptions of your cases.


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