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Types of flats (New Delhi)

Hi everybody,

I may move to Delhi in a couple of months. I have never visited Delhi before but have lived for a couple of years in Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok).
I was wondering what flats and apartments catering to expats look like in Delhi. As the initial stint will be for one year I will look for a furnished or at least partially furnished apartment.
A quick search on the internet revealed that most of the ones I had found resembled middle eastern/ Arabic style of living, especially with respect to the style of furniture and decoration.
As that is not my style I was wondering if there is anything available in Delhi which is more like modern Asian style, like e.g. the modern apartment buildings in Bangkok.

Another thing that came to my mind: does it make sense (thinking of the climate in Delhi) to have a terrace/ balcony or would it be a waste? Imaging the chilly winters in Delhi I could imagine that it would be nice to have during the cooler months.

Thanks for any replies!

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