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Visa and PIO card for the self-employed? (New Delhi)

Hi Everyone! I just moved to India from London with my husband who is an Indian national. I am a civil engineer wanting to work in the development sector as a self-employed / part-time employed / project basis but am struggling to understand my visa options and would really appreciate your help!

I have been told by some that I cannot apply for a PIO card until 2 years after being married. By others I have been told that instead I need to hold a spouse visa for 2 years (independently of the date of marriage ) before applying - can anyone confirm whether either is correct?

Secondly, I understand that to apply for a visa I need to return to my home country and have noticed some clauses that suggest that self-employment visas (i.e. without a company sponsor) are possible for skilled labourers that include engineering. Can anyone confirm whether a self-employment category under the Employment visa is indeed possible and if so what documentation I would need to provide to apply?

And finally, does anyone know whether once an Employment visa is granted you then have to conduct all your work through your Sponsor or whether you are also allowed to do work and get paid by other organisations as well as your Sponsor?

Thank you in advance for your help! Looking forward to meeting some of you.


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