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Where to live (working in Noida) (New Delhi)

Hi, I'm going to be working in sector 63 in Noida and was wondering on advice where to live. These are the rough options I'd come up with and was wondering if anyone could advise

a. Sector 62 in Noida and get taxi's into Delhi (as I've heard there really isn't much going on in Noida

b. live sector 15 in noida with a 45 min bus to work and good transport metro links to delhi

c. live in new delhi (or near) and taxi to work. Where in Delhi would be suggestable

Which of these sounds most reasonable (how much would I expect to shell out on regular taxi's. I'm a 21 year old moving to Delhi and would like to be able to have a decent life outside work so access to some nice areas in Delhi either through transport or living is key.



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