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zorro abused st bernard dog (New Delhi)

Hi, I'm Mou, a newspaper publisher living in Delhi. If I can help you in any way pls let me know. I am also asking for a huge favour.
Do you have space in your heart and home for a beautiful but much abused and suffering st bernard dog, for all the love he needs to give and receive?. Pls help him, he needs you. Please share with dog lovers, st bernard aficionados and farmhouse owners who may be able to care for him.
Zorro, St Bernard, swiss mountain dog, 3 and 1/2 years old, intact male, kept tied up outdoors day and night in all weathers and in the Delhi heat, beaten with sticks and shoes if he is naughty, and starved till he was a skeleton, was happily in foster care in Dharamshala for a few days, now needs a patient master and loving home. He is tall but underweight for his age Protected content but otherwise healthy. Since he is rarely walked he has so much pent-up energy that he is sometimes hard to control when greeting you. He has never been socialized, but is very needy for human attention and extremely loving and clinging to those who care for him. He is also very protective of those he sees as his human companions and may jump or even grab/bite people he sees as unknown intruders. Aggressive towards male dogs and strangers, to whom he needs to be introduced very carefully, he would probably adjust well to the company of a female dog. He becomes very aggressive and fearful at the vet's. He needs a large outdoor space to roam in and a AC room in summer, or better yet a farm in the hills with a patient family or even a dedicated caretaker with experience of giant breeds who will NOT tie him up. He hates being left alone for long periods. A st bernard is happiest living and working alongside his master 24×7. He loves chasing away monkeys and could be a good sheepdog, and regular training would give his life a purpose and save him from being destructive after suddenly receiving too much freedom. He is not a very big eater but needs to put on some weight and needs daily walks, but would wilt with heat and too much vigorous exercise. Needs regular grooming as he drools sometimes and needs to be trained in proper indoor house manners. He lives with his male puppy born from a street dog he mated with, all the other puppies are dead. His owner is now willing to give him to a good home. Anyone who can spare the love, time and resources needed to care for such a special dog will find that love amply rewarded with untiring devotion and loyalty. He will lay down his life for those he loves. Please call Protected content email Protected content if you think you or anyone you know can take on Zorro.
Pre-adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory. It is best if he is neutered as per doctors' advice since it my make him less territorial and aggressive towards male dogs and strangers, but you have to take the final call. If needed, the operation can be done before he is sent to his new home. Thanks for caring. Pls share with anyone you think could give him a good home.

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