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2010 Hottest New Luxury Watch Company Azad Watches (New York)

Hello InterNation watch lovers,

I know in a world field with Luxury watches we as watch lovers usually only have interest in investing in the watches everyone loves, AP Off shore, Rolex, Tag,Patek etc...

Protected content a near year and time is one thing that cannot be bought or even acquired. it is absolute, inevitable and always limited. The Azad brand offers an exceptional variation on the telling of time, as is attested by its unique collection of timepieces.

I am sure you are all asking who and what is Azad? Azad Watches is a men's/women's luxury watch company based in New York City.

Azad means Freedom in Persian, and that is exactly what the brand represents. The true indication of luxury is not mere wealth or material possession, it is freedom. The freedom to have anything one wants and more importantly, the free time to do everything one desires. Azad represents that freedom!!!

Azad is a unique watch, one that is customizable down to every detail and will set the individuals bold enough to wear it free from the expectations and limitations of traditional watch companies. The latest collection was created especially for the trendsetters already pioneering the AZAD name; it includes only 5 watches, which are being produced only once and in very limited quantities, specifically for the brand's current clientele.

However, anyone hoping to get their hands in an AZAD original can collaborate with the company on conceptualizing a custom piece; the customization possibilities are absolutely endless, ensuring a truly one of a kind creation.

Celebrities from Donald Trump, Samuel L Jackson, Marcus Allen, Doctor J, 50 cent, Lil wayne, Akon, Michael Strahan, Brandon Jacobs, Josh Howard & Protected content Atlantic SCCA National Championship Driver Gregory Jezarian. All where Azad Watches!!!

Azad watches has only been around since March of Protected content has already have a strong following in the entertainment world.

Maybe you will help make Protected content and better for Azad Watches, but I tell you dont forget you heard it hear first when you hear all over the world about Azad Watches.. If you have a few free minutes after reading my post please go to Protected content and let me know what you think... PM if you like the watches and might be interested or just leave a comment on post if you like the watch..


Cedric King

Celebrity Rep for Azad Watches

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