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2h Free Workshop NYC: Game People Play in Business (New York)

A Productive & Fun Approach to Doing Business

You run a social enterprise or ethical business, and your challenge is to increase both profit and fun. Lucky for you, everything is a game in business.

Come to this workshop to explore how great games can help you get more customers, increase their loyalty and get your employees to be more productive.

Discover a new mindset about the intersection of games and work, and learn exciting tools when leading and managing, useful for: recruitment, professional development, performance management, rewards and bonuses, customer acquisition and retention, money-saving initiatives, sales and marketing, collaboration, and research and development.

You'll leave the session with practical ideas to implement directly within your organization, and answers to questions on how to bring games to your organization.

Highly interactive and fun, Noam Kostucki will lead this training, twice TEDster, UK Business Speaker of the Year runner up Protected content , and co-founder of three social enterprises. Find out more at Protected content or watch his TED talks.

RSVP here - Protected content - for this event Mon, 8/20, 7-9pm at Green Spaces, Protected content , 5th floor.

"Fun isn't something that's generally regarded as very important in the workplace. However, meeting deadlines, accomplishing objectives, overcoming and solving important challenges are widely valued by businesses. Yet that's precisely where gamification and work overlap... The premise then is what if such tasks, which are often at the very center of what a company needs in order to operate and compete, could be made more productive and efficient by making them more engaging to the humans that use them?" - Dion Hinchcliffe, Vice President at Dachis Group

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