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3L looking for an opportunity in International Law (New York)

HI all! Im a New York Native currently entering my final year of law school. I have thus far focused mainly on matters of international law and al facets of ADR. I have successfully competed in legal competitions regarding the field, and i have extensive experience abroad. I have studied abroad in Europe in a legal capacity, spent much time in Brazil, where i attained a high level competency in portuguese. I have also spent great amounts of time In Asia and other locales. I am currently working at a firm where i deal with a lot of financial matters and have gained great experience and knowledge, however, since im approaching the end of Law School, I am hoping to start branching out into fields that genuinely interest me.

Any and all input or tips are appreciated! I am open to working just about anywhere, and as you can probably tell, i am not afraid of traveling.

Regards, Nicholas

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