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Acquiring Luxury Items & Helping Feed Children? (New York)

As a Goodwill Ambassador, it is so important and necessary for me to raise awareness and funds for the relief effort in Iran for the children and the unfortunate. I feel that people have no idea of the poverty in the rural regions in Iran. I buy and, when possible, arrange donations of necessary goods and services; clothing, schoolbooks, necessary supplies, education, hygienic necessities and much more. We provide vaccines, medical doctors (who volunteer their time), medications and bails of rice. We also provide fresh drinking water but it is also my mission to permanently fix the problem by creating water purification facilities. As you can imagine, Humanitarian efforts are very arduous presently under the circumstances of the present Fundamentalist regime. Our efforts are prodigiously planned to insure the safety of all involved in the relief efforts.

If you are interested in helping, members may simply sign up for Ebid through the following link: Protected content
We receive a donation for each individual who signs up and all of the items sold will benefit my cause. If outside the US, please ask them to credit our account. I have donated all items for sale. There are luxury items from Cartier, Gucci, CHANEL, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sisley Paris, La Mer, and so many others.
You will be "Shopping For Freedom"!

As a Humanitarian, I thank you personally for your generous and much needed assistance.

Please sign up today, a few minutes of your time can feed so many.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask questions.

Warmest Regards,
Ambassador Pahlavi Zan

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