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Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra - June 7th (New York)

Hello IN NYC people,

I ended up with an extra free ticket for the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra performance taking place this Tuesday, June 7th, 8pm, at Carnegie Hall.
If you are interested, please be sure that:
You do like classic music (pointless to bring someone who cannot appreciate the show)
You are not a serial no-show or last-minute cancellation caller (I do not want to waste the ticket)
You are not a phone-path (person with a phone disorder manifesting in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience to put the phone away/turn it off)
You are punctual (I will hate to miss part of the evening because you arrive late)
You are not married/in a relationship (unless your spouse/significant other has a ticket for the same show- this is not a date!)

Note that you will have a seat next to me and we will be spending together about +1 hours. I do not care about your age, gender, pic, etc.; I just want to have an enjoyable evening so I will pic the person who seems to be a good companion for me since I am giving away a ticket for a good show.

If you are interested, send a private message and provide your email address or phone for reply because I do not have unlimited messages in IN.


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