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Cat Sitting and House Sitting? (New York)

I am Adele Bernard, writing from Germany and I am offering cat sitting or house-sitting in exchange for housing in NYC in the period from March 27 until April 4.
My wonderful husband who will accompany me.
I already cat sat a couple times in NYC, so references can be provided for housesitting and cat sitting in NYC if needed.
If someone is in need of house- or cat sitting during that time it would be a perfect match.

My husband and I are described as fully trustworthy, neat and of course cat lovers <3

I am an 40 year old actress and drama teacher. I used to live in NYC for half a year in Protected content . Since then I am traveling back and forth while I am applying for an artist visa, what isn’t that easy currently.
My website is in German, if you would like to have a peak for a first impression, please feel free to klick here: Protected content
My husband, 46 years, is working for a fashion distributor in Germany and cooperates with U.S. Brands like DKNY.
You can have a peak here: Protected content
So we are also in love with New York and we love staying in touch with our friends in NYC.
This time we’ll be in New York for Nils Frahm concert, Frida Kahlo exhibition and a theater play that is starring a friend of mine.

If you need cat sitting, it is probably good to know that I had two cats myself, they died Protected content both at the age of 20.
I am well experienced with cats, so you can be sure that I will play and cuddle as they need it.
I will follow all the rules like cat is allowed to sleep in the bed or not, or is allowed to be on the counter or not.
You can be sure your cat will love having me and my husband around.
Even though he is not that experienced with cats he is a cat magnet and they love his calm and relaxed attitude.

If you are interested in housesitting it might be good to know that I offered housing in exchange for cat sitting as well while I was living in Cologne/Germany. So I know the other side as well and you can be sure that I will take care of your house as I wanted others to take care of my home.

Of course we can skype anytime it is suitable for you.

Please feel free to forward my message to anyone who could be interested.

And if other dates could sound interesting to you. Let me know. I would love to try and organize that.

All the best,
some pictures attached.

I would love hearing from you,


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