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Free Expat Tax Consultation: Internations Members (New York)

Expatriate taxation is a highly complex matters and oftentimes confusing. Generally it is best to seek professional advice in both the resident and host countries. For expatriates who are residents or citizens of the United States and expatriates residing within the United States, common questions arise in regard to:

1) foreign earned income exclusion
2) housing credits/deductions
3) foreign tax credits
4) tax treaties
5) business investments
6) social security taxes/totalization agreements
7) retirement/savings plans
8) stock option income
9) tax filing deadlines

I'm guessing many of you have highly complicated tax situations. I am always happy to provide a free consultation to Internations members.

I am an experienced accountant specializing in expatriate tax matters. Having lived overseas in various countries myself I am intimately familiar with the various tax implications faced by expatriates. For free general tax information on these and related matters please feel free to PM me or contact me.

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