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Going to NYC without job/visa hoping to find one? (New York)

Hey guys,

I need your advice on this. Anyone here who went to New York (or the US in general) without a visa and a job, looked for a job and found one (and therefore got the visa)?

I've been going back and forth with the idea of doing that. I lived for a year in New York back in Protected content , and I absolutely loved it. Back then I was a student and on a J1 internship visa, so obviously now that I've been working for 3.5 years it wouldn't work for me anymore. I already checked with the company I worked for, and they currently have no openings in my field, so that's not an option at the moment (or even last year).

I have a Master's degree in business management with a focus on marketing (I know, so many do), I have work experience in several companies, I speak fluent German, English and Spanish and I've lived and worked in four different countries. I know, I'm sure in NYC there are thousands like me. Still, I've been missing NYC since I left, and I always dreamed about going back.

Is it a really crazy idea to move there before the April deadline of the expat worker visa expires, look for a job and hope they will sponsor me? Is this totally unrealistic? I have sufficient funds to live in NYC without a job for a couple of months. Anyone been there done that?

Thank you!

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