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Hoboken NYC's hidden Gem (New York)

Hoboken is a small city—only 1 square mile—conveniently located across the river from Manhattan. It is an urban oasis with a wide variety of transportation options all boasting a 10 minute commute into Manhattan via Ferry, Path, Train and Bus.

Much abounds in the music and arts community, complimented by eclectic restaurants, night clubs, a world class hotel, diverse retail shopping, along with a spectacular waterfront with uncompromising views of Manhattan and New York Harbor.
Hoboken is a unique, vibrant, walkable urban community just over one square mile in size. But don’t let the small size fool you:

Hoboken is ranked the #1 most walkable city in the country (
Hoboken is ranked #1 city in public transportation use (U.S. Census).
Hoboken was ranked #1 most exciting small city in America.
Hoboken was rated the best dining town in New Jersey (NJ Monthly Magazine).
Hoboken was ranked #7 for best places to be rich and single (Money Magazine, Protected content
I am a Real Estate agent ​that specializes in Hoboken​ & surrounding areas​ so please let me know if you are interested in looking at Hoboken as a housing option. Studio's, Protected content available as well as Beautiful Brown Stones.

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