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I'm looking for a store manager for a Luxury Boutique on Madison Ave, NYC (New York)

Store Manager New York

Job Description

In essence the job of the store manager is to actively position the products and the brand as worth while investing in and having a long lasting relationship with, through their own and their sales staff’s customer contact.

Job title: Store Manager

Reports to: Owner of Store / District Manager

Key results

Achieving sales goals of the store
Individual account and follow up on all staff members
Maintaining a fully trained staff
Administrative responsibilities

The job

The ultimate goal for the store manager is to get to the point where a concern with how to
generate more sales is the prime objective. The store manager resumes the overall responsibility for the performance of the store and in order to maximize the potential of the store, there are four main areas he/she must master:


· Achieving the budgeted sales objectives.
· “Leading the way” - ensuring high standard of superior level of customer service and take responsibility for his part of the store’s sales goals.
· Initiating and implementing actions to boost sales, such as local marketing events, direct mail campaigns
· Maintaining and building the stores customer database
· Tracking, registering and using proactively the conversion rate
· Driving each salesperson’s sales and profits up so the store hits and exceeds its goal consistently - this done through individual sales goals, individual meetings, coaching sessions, support and follow-up, as well as holding people accountable for both their performance and their behavior on the selling floor

2. Training

The store manager is responsible for making sure that he/she at all times has a fully trained staff:
· Ensuring that the staff attend all relevant classroom trainings that Bang & Olufsen provides
· Ensuring that the staff completes the courses they have access to on the internal academy scheme.
· Following up and ensuring that the staff use and continuously expand the skills they have learned through daily / weekly use of role playing in orienting new sales associates and keeping the core selling skills fresh for the more experienced team member
Furthermore the store manager is responsible for creating a high level of commitment for everybody in the store and for cultivating an inspiring and motivating environment

3. Recruitment

The store manager is responsible for a strong talent acquisition:
· Attracting, selecting and recruiting - ensuring that the right people with the right skills and competencies are selected for the right positions in due time.
At the same time he/she is responsible for terminating staff not performing and not having any potential anymore.

4. Operation/administration

The store manager is responsible for all below administrative tasks. While many of these can be delegated, the store manager has the ultimate responsibility that they are all done timely and accurately
· Manage the store to achieve the overall budgeted sales and earnings results
· The store is opened and closed daily based upon the posted store hours
· Store displays are working and kept up to date based upon the standards set by the american division
· The store is cleaned daily (before opening or after closing)
· All phone messages and general store emails are reviewed and responded to daily
· End of day reports, credit card batching process, bank deposit and paperwork are performed/reviewed daily
· New hires / terminations are coordinated with RDM and communicated immediately to HR
· All store associates are properly trained on the Point of Sale system
· Take a physical inventory on the scheduled day monthly
· The “Retail Store Procedures” and “Retail Store Policies” manual are adhered to by all store associates
· Daily monitoring of sales, margins, discounting, deposits, accounts receivable, open sales orders, and drop shipments
· Review, approval (if appropriate) and forwarding of all non-company product, service, utility and other invoices to Retail Finance at minimum on a weekly basis.
· The back room / storage areas are kept neat and organized, with customer repair product kept separate from store stock
· Management of the stores inventory level, minimizing back stock
· Proper ordering and staging of product through the ROS system

Please do not hesitate to contace me Via IN or Protected content for further information
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