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InterNations New York Potluck and Fun Events

Hello All,

I've recently created Internations New York Potluck and Fun Events Activity Group, which is found under the Miscellaneous section in Activity Groups.

I was motivated to start this group because I think it would help to foster deeper connections and friendships. Many people are far away from their homeland and loved ones, so it would be nice if there is a group, where they can share their culture whilst experiencing those of others.

We plan to hold potluck picnics during the summer, whereby people will bring a dish from their native country to share. They can provide background information about the dish – for example, how it is made, when it is normally eaten, and its symbolism in the society. We will have different themes, for example, fast food, desserts, national dishes, or grandma’s best dish.

For a country’s national day, we can celebrate its food and culture. Also, expats who find themselves alone around major U.S. holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, could get together and celebrate with their Internations family.

Other events planned include wine tastings, cooking classes, cultural day trips, and dance events.

Please take a look at our page. If this sounds like something that you may like, I invite you to join us. It would be nice to see you at our upcoming event. :-)


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