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Job/apartment seeking? Share your story (New York)

Hello everyone,

I've been in NYC for 4 weeks now (probably not long but to me it feels like'll understand what I mean in a bit).
I've sent out numerous resumes to employers and recruitments, got shot down by a recruiter for being a foreign worker (I tried to explain the E3 visa to him...) or no response from employers (too busy to move the resume to the "reject" pile and mass send out rejection emails?).
Anyways so everyday I wake up wondering if my phone will ring and I start to lose hope by 5pm and I repeat this everyday, until weekend because no one works and you wish it'll go by quickly (when I was working I loved Fridays and loathed Mondays but it's the reverse for a job seeker!).

Add on top of that - seeking short term rental is extremely difficult - either too expensive, too far, not fast enough or not a good fit. I mean roomshare by the way. I've answered ads on Craigslist, Easy Roommate, Spareroom etc...and I've placed an ad too. I've viewed apartments, willing to pay the asking price but question is - if these people are subletting their room for a month or two and they're not going to be there - then how do they decide who they're going to rent their room to? I look decent, friendly and clean and I'm willing to pay the asking price. How do these people get rooms? It's almost like a job interview - except I'm better at talking about my skills and experience.

Sigh~ I feel like NY is not into me.

What about you? If you're a job seeker or apartment seeking I would like to hear from you. Please share your story!

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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