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Job hunting in NY (New York)

Hello all,

I'm from Sydney, Australia and one of my dream is to live and work abroad. This year I've decided to take the plunge and just follow my dream! I bought my ticket and I'll be in NY for 3 months in Setempter to look for a job. I understand that looking for a new job is tough at the best of times and I know it won't be easy for a foreigner without a valid working visa but I hope I can expand my network before I head over.

My interest is in Audit however I must confess I have passed the age to apply for a graduate position yet my technical skills are weak to be considered for an experienced position in auditing however my work experience has ascertained that I can bring the following experiences and skills to the position:
- ability to utilise time management skills including setting goals and priorities
- building and maintaing relationships
- Quality focus
- Problem solving
- Self awareness

I'm also open to any other opportunities since the purpose of the move is to fulfil my dream of living and working abroad.

I would greatly appreciate any referrals or contact of a recruiter that may be able to assist me or any advice on job hunting in New York. Please also feel free to shoot me a private mail if you have any questions. Thank you all!

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