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Looking for an English/ Australian Male Flatmate (New York)

This ad is not for you if you;

* Are not English or Australian (Willing to consider if you who have lived in either of those countries and understand the banter too).

* Don’t at least make $175,000, can’t prove source of income and are not willing to sign up for a 12 month lease.

* Are not a positive make your bed in the morning kind of person (Unless you are seriously hungover, then its cool ☺).

* Are not in NYC to succeed at whatever you are doing and be successful in life.

* Don't enjoy good food, going out and the company of beautiful women (What else is there?)

* Don't understand what it is to play hard and work hard.
* Are a hardcore supporter of Tottenham, United or Chelsea
* Are tight with the pennies
* Don’t like music
* Like to sit around playing video games (what a fucking waste of time)
* Are offended by this ad!

Here's a little bit about the apartment I am looking for to share;
* 2 Bed 2 bath
* Ideally based in Midtown but willing to discuss other localities in the city
* High rise apartment with plenty of light - Ideally with east facing windows, a decent view and balcony would be cool too
* Decent size kitchen – Preferably with a dishwasher
* Close proximity to a decent gym
* While I want it to be a fun apartment, I am in NY to make money so would like to spend as little as possible to get the above so my ideal would be something around the $5,500 mark all inclusive (Bills etc) so $2,750 each but willing to consider anything up to $3,500 each

Here's a little bit about me;

* I work in Banking and moving to NY with my company this week (Arriving on Sunday the 7th of Feb)
* I will have a month of corporate housing and then looking to move to my (hopefully our) place by March but willing to move sooner/ later if needed too
* I get the Realtor fees paid for by my company so hopefully that should benefit you too
* I enjoying socializing/ being around other people hence the reason I'd rather not have my own apartment as its boring as fuck..
* If I am going to spend a year living with someone I want to be able to call them a friend not a flatmate - so if we can't have a beer together, go out every now and again then it wouldn't work
* I enjoy cooking – So there will be a fair bit of that – I tend to usually cook a Sunday Roast etc and if you like eating good healthy food then this is for you
* I support Arsenal and also like watching Rugby, Formula 1 and Moto GP
* Like chilling out and watching a decent movie every now and again
* I like going to the gym/ keeping fit although I am not a Ironman/ Crossfit like crazy person
* I like to travel whenever I can (I just finished a year long sabbatical where I visited 27 countries) and will be looking to do some travel in the Americas over the next 24months
* I don’t haggle with the pennies/ groceries etc as long as we share the load of getting stuff that’s needed for the apartment we’ll do just fine..
* I am not a huge tool contrary to what the ad may sound like – I am pretty fucking easy going and I am sure if the budget etc works for you and you have the courage to respond to this ad and come out and meet me for a beer we will get along famously..

P.S - The picture of me is at a fancy dress party and no I don’t usually dress like that ☺

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